A Glimmer of Hope

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by Debbi Silverman

A Glimmer of Hope

A Glimmer of Hope

by Debbi Silverman

One family, many miracles, and God's voice in the backseat of a car all create a journey filled with laughter, tears and inspiration in this true story of flawed humans restored by faith and forgiveness. .
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Glimmer of Hope is a beautiful glimpse into the journey of one family as they combat fear, illness, and even evil with abounding grace and lives filled with abundant miracles. This tale of miraculous lives and times reminds us that miracles are for everyone, sinners and saints alike. The stories shared are true stories of miraculous people who were touched in amazing ways by God’s overwhelming love. Celebrate the tears and laughter as each story unfolds showing that imperfection is trumped by forgiveness, and transgressions are erased by grace. The author shares her powerful tale and relationship with God that is profound and entertaining. Her God is one she knows as her friend, mentor, confidant, personal shopper, real estate agent, miracle worker, Supreme Being and almighty God, who happens to occasionally hang out in the back seat of her car.

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Pages: 380

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