Bagger Island: Novel (Conor and Anne series) (Volume 2)

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by Denis Hearn

Bagger Island: Novel (Conor and Anne series) (Volume 2)

Bagger Island: Novel (Conor and Anne series) (Volume 2)

by Denis Hearn

A trawler picks up a body in it's net. Detective Conor Horgan and his partner Anne O'Gorman search for clues. Will their relationship survive this intriguing story?
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A body is found in the net of "Girl Anne", a fishing trawler working off the coast of Bagger Island in the Irish Sea. Detective Conor Horgan, with his reporter friend, Anne O'Gorman, arrive to investigate the strange catch. What is happening on Bagger Island? Who is the mysterious Don Rua? Join Conor and Anne on the rocky island and cross the Channel into the caves of France. Will their relationship survive as they chase the clues and discover an underworld of hidden treasures and ruthless smugglers?

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