Another View: Stories of Loyalty, Love, & Remembrance from France

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by Michaele Lockhart

Another View: Stories of Loyalty, Love, & Remembrance from France

A young woman recalls the day a German general and his personal entourage arrived at her family’s farm in 1940, when she was only four years old. Taking great risks, one courageous man protects and rescues those he can, friends who will remain loyal throughout generations to follow. In 1945, toward the end of World War II, a major in the United States Army welcomes a family back to their partially destroyed home in Paris. A teen-aged boy helps rebuild and restore his grandparents’ Normandy home, uncovering bones, military insignia, and live ammunition. In these stories of interconnected families, meet those who have endured and those who have not. Strengths shine and triumph; weaknesses are revealed. Agonize with those who cannot bend—their wars are carried out within the prison walls of their hearts and souls. Where there is war, there will always be stories and there will always be memories. These tales—some tender, others poignant, some uplifting examples of the human spirit, and others heartbreaking accounts of loss—are woven into a compelling family saga.

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