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by Jaye Tomas


Jaye Tomas has been a scribbler all her life, but it was the advent of the Internet which gave her the courage and a place to share her work with the world. In 2013, she created Chimera Poetry, the website where her freshly-minted poems see the light of day, to growing international acclaim. This is her first book. Punctuated with evocative illustrations, her richly-woven texts hint at other worlds just out of reach, at half-guessed mysteries and ancient myths. Others reflect on her own experience, conjuring powerful images, distilling into words both fierce and delicate the poignancy of existence with its pain and puzzlement and unafraid to ask questions which go to the root of our search for meaning and acceptance. The texture and depth of her writing are informed by the dizzying breadth of her voracious reading. Books are her biggest obsession and her tastes are eclectic. Among her favourites, as readers of her work quickly discover, are Tolkien, Lovecraft, Gaiman, Plath, Ellison, Christie, Aaronovitch, Yeats, Blake, King, Barker, Straub, Lopez, Maugham, Rimbaud, Ness, Poznansky, Funke, Taylor, Kipling and Chaucer. Originally from the windy suburbs of Chicago, Jaye lives, for now, in England, but has a sense that this is not her final destination. “The beauty of the story,” she writes “is in the journey, not the arrival.”

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