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A Good Night from Your Loved Ones

A Good Night from Your Loved Ones

by Martha Mejia

In Good Night from Your Loved Ones, author Martha Mejia shares a bedtime story that you can tell to your children. She shares a goodnight story from Mommy, Superhero, Daddy, Aunty, and Nana (Grandma).

As an added bonus, Mejia tells the story of Aiden, A Kid Who Never Sleeps. Aiden only wants to play, he doesn't need to sleep. But then he gets too tired to play with his friends and he realizes that maybe naps aren't so bad after all!

About the Author

Martha Mejia's five-year-old son was the creative mind behind this story. They live in Brooklyn, New York.

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Pages: 38

ASIN: 1480911577

Sales Rank: 6150143

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