High Grade: A Novel

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by D. Lincoln Jones

High Grade: A Novel

What if a soldier returned from war, but he has no memory of home? Kentucky farmer Ben Jones has a good life. He’s married to a fine woman and he loves his four children. At the start of the Civil War he answers the call to serve his country, but never returns. After the Battle of Shiloh, the Union assesses its losses. This has been a costly battle. As they prepare to bury the dead, one of the grave diggers hears a moan from a coffin. He’s nearly dead, this man in the uniform of a Captain in the Union Army. Nursed back to health, the man assumes the name of “Ben” as he searches for his memory—for anything familiar or anyone who might remember him. Meanwhile, Matt Jones, the grown son left behind, joins the Union Army, also serving his country. After the War, he continues to search for his father, always hopeful. Follow these two men on their separate journeys as one attempts to establish a new life and the other searches for what remains of his family.

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Pages: 316

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