Focused on Murder

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by Michaele Lockhart

Focused on Murder

Uncovering murders was not part of Julia Ballard's job description. Starting a new chapter in life, Julia embraces the career of her dreams. As a nature photographer she hopes to find peace, solitude, and artistic fulfillment in the mountain wilderness of the West. Her children are grown, and she’s liberated from obligations to a family. Julia packs up her camera gear, and thus begins her adventure in an SUV accompanied only by her dog. Freelance photography and writing for the magazine Natural Heritage has earned her an official staff position. Will hard work for their environmentalist group also help restore her eroded self-esteem, the consequence of a failed marriage and bitter divorce? Julia’s hard-won peace is quickly disturbed when she stumbles upon clues connected to two mysterious deaths. Innocently, she and her cameras have captured more secrets. Tension builds, suspicions about the people she works for haunt her, and her wilderness adventure becomes a nightmare. Follow the intrigue surrounding a nine-year-old, unsolved double-murder, experience a colorful story that transports the reader through the scenic beauty of the Colorado Rockies, and share the warm bond between Julia and her dog Maxie.

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Pages: 482

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