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Walk between the worlds of angels and devils, explore the deeper meaning of demons, and face the beauty of the monster in all of us with author Jay Norry. Stumbling Backasswards Into the Light is an uplifting autobiography, the tale of Jay's decision to question the answers he had been given and discover his own deeper meaning. Walking Between Worlds: The Complete Trilogy is an exciting and action-packed philosophical adventure, a darkly humorous romp through heaven and hell and the deeper meaning of all of the worlds we walk between. The Secret Society of Deeper Meaning is currently exploring the softer side of zombies, and the deeper meaning of the archetype: could Mother Nature be saving us from ourselves? Sign up for free Zombie Zero short stories; and find out the deeper meaning of it all in Zombie Zero: Jay's books are published by Sudden Insight Publishing ( Read his blog on writing and life in general at

J.K. Norry

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