Author: CE Butler


Crowded Huddle (The Will Stover Sports Series Book 4)

Change is in the air as Will Stover leads the Baltic Bearcats into a new football season. When a new player shows up in town, Will must play the peacemaker between old friends and new. In this, the fourth book of The Will Stover Sports Series, Will and his

Designated Slugger (The Will Stover Sports Series Book 6)

The end of Will Stover’s sophomore year isn’t going according to plan. An injured shoulder has put the Baltic High School star in a tough spot, unable to throw the baseball. The Bearcats still have Will’s bat, though, and they’ll need it to come up big if

Diamond Disaster (The Will Stover Sports Series Book 3)

It's baseball season and Will Stover is ready to lead his team to a state championship. On the way, though, he must learn to deal with adversity both on the baseball field and in his personal life. In this, the third book of The Will Stover Sports Series,

Freshman Phenom (The Will Stover Series Book 1)

Will Stover is thrust into the spotlight before he is ready. Still too young to drive, the 14-year-old is called upon to lead his high school football team into a new season. Facing resentment from teammates both old and new, Will must find his way in the

Freshman Year

There’s little time for a learning curve for Will Stover during his freshman year of high school. From mov- ing into a starting role as the varsity quarterback to trying to lead the Baltic Bearcats to a baseball state championship, the challenges are many

Full Court Conflict (The Will Stover Sports Series Book 5)

A Baltic High team that doesn’t include Will Stover? That’s what hangs in the balance as Will is pulled between joining his teammates on the basketball court and improving his football skills. When letters from college football coaches begin ap- pearing in

Rebound Rival (The Will Stover Sports Series Book 2)

While battles swirl all around him, Will Stover finds himself in an unfamiliar position - on the bench. In Rebound Rival, the second book in The Will Stover Sports Series, rivalries are all too common. From a teammate with a longstanding grudge to a long-d

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