Author: Peter Guy Blacklock

From: United Kingdom United Kingdom

Author Bio

Peter Guy Blacklock was born and raised in an unremarkable town in the north-east of England by a remarkably supportive & well adjusted working-class family. After 14 yrs of ineffective education he found himself in Art College, which led to twenty years employment as an Archaeological Illustrator in which he produced a wide variety of technical illustrations for publication as well as more general illustration, design & copy work on educational & display materials intended for schools & the general public. Eventually the hunt for a half decent salary within that occupation led him to the Museum of London & a move to the capitol where he still lives today in happily married bliss. He is passionate about genre fiction, film & games, has a fervent interest in history, mythology & folklore and is fascinated by the deeper meanings behind ritual practice, ceremonial magic & occult lore. He is a keen Ripperologist, a devout Lovecraftian & a determined new writer of dark genre fiction.

Peter Guy Blacklock