Author: Angie Russell

From: United States of America United States of America

Author Bio

Angie N. Russell worked with Life Focus Communications for 7 years as an Associate Producer. She’s traveled internationally, helping to produce various documentary and magazine style videos for that team. Her efforts gained her an Emmy award in 2013 for “One In Five,” a season three show in the Life Focus series. Early in 2014 Angie resigned as Associate Producer for Life Focus Productions, to become Owner and President of Captions and Subtitle Services, a company she’d worked for and managed for the past 6 years. The company provides closed captioning and subtitles to the broadcast and video industry, both nationally and internationally, including shows airing locally on WTTW, ABC, WJYS, WPWR and NBC. In the same year, Angie started Malkia Entertainment, a video production company, in which she is the Executive Producer. She is currently producing her first film, Love of My Life, based off of the book she wrote in 2011, titled Love of My Life: Memoirs of a Love Lost.

Angie Russell