Author: A. Claire Everward

Author Bio

A. Claire Everward leads a quiet life and prefers to spend time with her characters, and for her escaping into writing is always the best refuge. She would say it maintains her sanity but her sister Kate says that sanity tends to be overrated. Claire spent years away from home getting a master’s degree in aerospace engineering, with a risk management specialty. During that time, she lived in the university, surrounded by forested hills and too much silence, so to keep away the boredom she also took on an MBA, and now she feels ridiculously over-educated. Eventually her love for writing took over, and she decided to leave it all and move to the world of her imagination. Claire lives with her two cats, Mary Boleyn who is much smarter than her and who likes to sit on her laptop just when she wants to write, otherwise she starts throwing stuff off the desk and Henry VIII who loves to jump on top of the kitchen cabinets and scream at the ceiling.

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