Author: Ellie Douglas

From: New Zealand New Zealand

Author Bio

I’m Ellie Douglas, and like you, I love horror, everything about horror, the goriest and most gruesome of horrors is the ultimate. I can’t get enough. So much so that I write horror. That need to be graphic, and explicit with my horror scenes makes me stand out. I give what I want to read to others, so now they can enjoy a true horror story. I’m not all about just being graphic, I also build characters that the readers will love and or hate, so they can feel pulled right inside of the story that they are reading. It gives me so much enjoyment when I hear remarks like, ‘You made me want to puke,’ ‘I have nightmares every damned night –thanks,’ and ‘Quentin Tarantino and Steven King made a baby, YOU!’ when I hear comments like that, I know then I’ve succeeded, that also pushes me into writing more and becoming even better. I’m fun loving, generous and very mysterious. I enjoy spending time with my family, and have four children to keep the horror writing alive. Let me scare you!


Fear Inducer

They believed their phobias were just nightmares... They believed Dr Felix Bloom would cure them. They were...SO WRONG!

Hounded 2

Imagine a virus infecting your beloved 'dogs' and turning them into unstoppable beasts. To then have human zombies join them. What would you do?

Toxic Desire

How many lives will be lost because of sexual desires and memories from the past?


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