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Adrienne Nairn was brought up in East Yorkshire. She left at age18 to study and work in London before travelling the world. Her father fought in the Second World War whilst her brother trained in the SAS and fought in Oman before returning as a mercenary. Family circumstances led Adrienne to write her autobiography, My Brother My Enemy, initially for her grandsons, but she now campaigns against personal greed, inheritance fraud, psychological and financial abuse of the elderly, theft, harassment and tax evasion. She has spoken publicly on these subjects as well as her battles with solicitors, barristers, judges, Police and Social services. Adrienne lives with her husband in New Zealand. They have one daughter and two grandsons. My Brother My Enemy The Final Chapter is the updated account of Adrienne's story.

Adrienne Nairn


My Brother My Enemy The Final Chapter

This is the true story of how a father's generosity on his death-bed led to the disintegration of his family, driven in no small part by the attitudes and actions of his son.


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