Author: L.T. Marshall

From: United Kingdom United Kingdom

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Born and raised in Scotland, Leanne has lived in both the central belt and the highlands. A mum to two children, she has been with her fiancee for twelve years and currently resides in West Lothian. A mum, artist and business owner she also has an online store under the name Liana Marcel. You can find her across social media as either her author name or artist name, Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, and twitter. She has been writing romance since her teens and had an early stint at journalism back in high school. She has many books under her belt going through the editing process right now. The first being The Carrero Effect, part one of a trilogy, The Carrero Influence is part two in which it follows Emma Anderson on a path to self-growth. A girl with a troubled past whose finally healed by falling in love with the most unsuitable man on the planet. You can also find her book 1 entirely free to download on Smashwords. Just search The Carrero Effect.

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