Author: Pablo Michaels

From: United States of America United States of America

Author Bio

Pablo Michaels was a shy, friendly adolescence, fantasizing other males. He was born gay. He worked at the local public library in high school. He read books; the subject matter was homosexuality in both fiction and non-fiction. From reading the books, he had a disenchanted perception of being gay. He withdrew to express his life through words and fantasies. After his first sexual encounter with a man, he exploded with lust and anger. He attempted to live his new life naturally, seeking love, ignoring the statistics of the books he had read and prove what he had read was wrong. As a gay man he writes gay genre fiction from a gay man’s perspective. He lives with his husband of twenty years on a quiet country street in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has written poetry, short stories, novels, and plays since third grade.


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