Author: Patrick M Cunningham

From: Ireland Ireland

Author Bio

Patrick M Cunningham, began writing at the young age of Ten, and continued to write into his late teens, as a form of escapism to get away from the constant bullying he was enduring on a regular basis at school. According to Patrick, "I would just lose myself for hours in my own make believe world, just conjuring up these stories that revolved around four main characters. By the time I reached seventeen, I accumulated around seven hundred stories that had these four characters battling the forces of Evil with the Devil himself hunting them down sending his minions to eradicate these four heroes for the end of days is drawing near as is his chance to rise again. Unfortunately for poor 'ol Satan one of histories greatest losers, nothing ever goes his way, for the Awesome Four, as I was soon to Dub them, were there to foil his every plot.

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