Author: Kathy Bennett

From: United States of America United States of America

Author Bio

Kathy Bennett is no stranger to murder and mayhem. She served twenty-nine years with the Los Angeles Police Department - eight as a civilian employee and twenty-one years as a sworn police officer. While most of her career was spent in a patrol car, she’s also been a Firearms Instructor, a crime analyst in the “War Room”, a Field Training Officer, a Senior Lead Officer, and worked undercover in various assignments. Kathy was honored to be named Officer of the Year in 1997. Kathy's debut novel, A Dozen Deadly Roses became a bestselling E-book at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Her second novel, A Deadly Blessing was chosen by Barnes and Noble as a Best Book of 2012. A Deadly Beauty is the fourth book in the series, and she is currently working on her next Maddie Divine novel. Kathy lives in Idaho with her husband and two energetic Labrador retrievers.


A Deadly Justice (LAPD Detective Maddie Divine Book 2)

A brutal murder. A rash of sophisticated burglaries. A serial rapist. Little does veteran LAPD Detective Maddie Divine and her new partner, Jade Donovan, realize that a single thread tie the crimes together.

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