Author: Karen O'Connor

From: United Kingdom United Kingdom

Author Bio

I am a novelist and short story writer, writing in a number of genres, including paranormal romance, urban fantasy, YA paranormal adventure, paranormal cosy mystery and sci-fi. My writing has mystery, adventure and excitement and some romance thrown in to make things even more stimulating. The writing I do aims to excite and inspire readers and writers. I love reading anything that quickens my pulse and makes me fall in love with the characters (or hate them - all intense emotions welcome.) My writing tries to do the same. I have created three series; The School of Exorcists (YA paranormal adventure and romance), Ghost Academy (YA paranormal adventure) and Heir Hunters (adult urban fantasy.) I have two additional series in development - paranormal cosy mystery and sci-fi. If you want a free taste of any of my series check out my website


Witch Kissed (Old Sarum Witch Cozy Mystery, Book 1) (Old Sarum Witch Cozy Mystery Series)

A cursed kiss and a troubled witch. It's just another day in Old Sarum!


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