Author: Shanlynn Walker

From: United States of America United States of America

Author Bio

Shanlynn Walker lives in Kansas with her husband, two teenage children, and her two Doberman Pinschers. The inspiration for Sylas, the wraith-like dog from the Myste, came from her fawn Doberman, also named Sylas, and he is now a main character in her Dragons of Daegonlot series. The idea for Dragons of Daegonlot came after reading dragonrider books and realizing if she were a dragon she would never let a lowly human tell her what to do. This, in turn, led her to start wondering under what circumstances she would even want to befriend a human if she was a dragon. The more she thought about it, the more ludicrous it seemed, but she firmly believes there are plenty of good traits in humans. Even traits a dragon might appreciate. Currently she is working on the third book of the series, The Godling Staff. If you would like to know more, please visit her website,


Dragon Orb (Dragons of Daegonlot Book 1)

Daegonlot: a floating island separated from the mainland of Darkenfel, and home to the last of the dragonriders. They have settled in the city of Goldenspine and allowed the rest of the world to forget them.

Into the Myste (Dragons of Daegonlot Book 2)

Dax and Drakthira enter the Myste with Trakon and Sylas by their side. They are intent on continuing their quest to figure out how to destroy the mysterious Dragon Orb created by Jessa Dragonheart and free the dragons.

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