Author: Julian Anderson

From: United Kingdom United Kingdom

Author Bio

When I graduated in 1982 and entered the ranks of the unemployed, I wrote my first novel called The Xylla Heritage. This was set in a world which took for granted that aliens existed and punished those who dared to question their reality. It entertained a few friends and having finally found a job working in exhibition design, I wrote no more for over twenty years. I cannot say for sure why I started The Condyne paradox in 2005. Although it might have stemmed from the boredom of a long train journey from St.Petersburg to Helsinki. It was originally called Connections but someone had got there before me. Very inconsiderate. It entertained a few more friends and was followed by Noril’sk, The Occam factor and A china key. By the time I completed this fourth book, I had an incurable writing bug and was delighted to find that strangers also enjoyed them. Cheers, Julian


A china key

‘There are monsters,’ he said, ‘monsters in the shadows.’ Set during the long hot British summer of 1976 this story mixes the genre of crime fiction with a touch of surrealism.

Harvest of minds

When government scientist Sam Trent and police Inspector David Jennings are called to investigate the mysterious deaths of fourteen cows at a dairy farm, they are confronted with little more than viscous sludge...


Science journalist Mike Jordan anticipates a routine visit to a quiet rural research facility. Within hours however, the research team experiences strange incidents following the revival of a forty-year-old experiment on an ancient meteorite.

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