Author: Serena Jade

From: United States of America United States of America

Author Bio

Serena Jade is a professional writer, specializing in Deep-Psychology, Mystical-Spirituality, Philosophy of Physics and Social-Change. Her purpose is to stretch people’s minds as well as their bodies to reach an ultimate state of mental, physical, and spiritual harmony. Serena was labeled different by her family thus to society and has led an unconventional life. She has unconscious social/spiritual wisdom to share with the world. Serena Jade has the experience and knowledge to communicate true psychological and spiritual insights. Her first book, Charismatic Connection is an authentic soul mate experience. Tantra: The Sexual Meditation is the ultimate sex and her third book, Eros and Psyche is an ancient soul mate story. Her fourth book, The Body: Temple of the Ego and Soul is about the very hard but simple mindset to attain a healthy body image. Give and take in Serena’s fifth book, Intimacy: The Ultimate Destination.

Serena Jade