Author: Colin Garrow

From: United Kingdom United Kingdom

Author Bio

Colin Garrow wrote his first novel at the age of 16. Admittedly, it was only four pages long, didn’t have an actual ending and was probably the worst story ever written, but the creative spark was there and he’s been trying to be a writer ever since. Colin studied Drama at the University of Northumbria, and also has a Post Grad Diploma in Community Education. He was a founder and Artistic Director of WAC Theatre (The Writers and Actors Collaboration Theatre Company) in Aberdeen until the company folded in 2011. Rehearsal videos of some of his plays can be found on YouTube (The Body in the Bag, Towards the Inevitability of Catastrophe, No Phones on Planet Pluto etc). Although theatre and writing stage plays took up quite a few years of his life, Colin has also written several short stories, some of which have appeared in literary mags (SN Review, Flash Fiction Magazine, Word Bohemia, Every Day Fiction, The Grind, A3 Review, 1,000 Words, Inkapture, Scribble Magazine…).


Girlfriend Interrupted (and Other Fictions)

Dark stories for long nights.


Love Song in Sixteen Bars

Ever been in one of those relationships? You know - the ones that don't work?


The House That Wasn't There (The Christie McKinnon Adventures Book 2)

Someone is stealing children and taking them to a mysterious house on Deadman's Lane


The Watson Letters Volume 1: Something Wicker This Way Comes

In a not quite Post-Victorian, steampunk parallel universe, Holmes and Watson continue their fight against crime.


The Watson Letters Volume 2: Not the 39 Steps

Holmes and Watson continue their fight against crime in a not quite Post-Victorian, steampunk parallel universe.


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