Author: Lisa Skydla

From: Germany Germany

Author Bio

Lisa Skydla was born in 1971 and lives today with her family and a lot of animals in a little village near Frankfurt. At the age of ten Lisa found a book that was so boring, that she decided to write her own books. Today Lisa Skydla is one of the Amazon All-Star-Authors and loves to write about BDSM, Feelings and Fantasy. Lisa is married to her master so she knows the ropes about BDSM. Her intension is to show that people who like BDSM are normal people with normal feelings and that BDSM has nothing to do with brutality. Read more (but in German) under


Slave-Girl of the Dragon Rider

This is the story of Sinja and Artyom, a slave-girl and a powerful dragon rider in the world of Tenebraes.


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