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Children's Author and Romance Novelist Suzy Davies is set to launch her first Children's Book, "Snugs The Snow Bear," in 2016. Suzy is passionate about writing, and feels that it is a great responsibility and joy to write for children. The hallmarks of Suzy's writing are creativity, imagination and inspiration. Suzy wants to pass on her love of nature, and sense of place, onto her young readers. Born in Reading, England, to Anglo-Welsh parents, Suzy lived in Aberystwyth, Wales, in her early childhood, at her paternal grandmother's flat. The family used to enjoy visiting Pen Dinas and the surrounding area, often going on nature walks. Suzy's early years instilled in her a love of the sea, and she has lived in Brighton, England, and in Southbourne, a little coastal village, which is part of the Bournemouth Area. She now lives near Daytona beach! While resident in Southbourne, Suzy first sighted, "Snugs," the lovable polar bear, who is the central character in her Children's Series.

Suzy Davies

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