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Govind N R is an aspiring poet, short story writer from Bangalore, India. He used to work as a freelance writer and editor back in 2013, an experience that encouraged him to pursue writing as a full-time adventure. Between 2013 - 15, Govind experimented with various styles in poetry, flash fiction and novelettes. His favorite books are The Bell Jar, Cat's Cradle, The Sound of Fury, Midnight's Children, and 1984. His early poetry was inspired from the works of Roald Dahl, Lewis Carroll, Sylvia Plath, and Pablo Neruda. Rehearsal Banquet is Govind's debut publication. You can reach him on: Twitter - Wordpress - E-mail -


Rehearsal Banquet

Rehearsal Banquet is a collection of poems on grief, love, break-up, environmental issues and comedy. The forty-four poems takes the reader through a series of lyrical verses that presents the world in a view between surrealism and reality.

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