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After a long career in social work Joss turned her pen to writing fiction in a happily successful attempt to stave off retirement induced boredom. Without even blushing, she freely admits to a lifelong love of country music. Her favourite author is Lee Child, of Jack Reacher fame. Not known for her timidity, Joss scared herself half to death, jungle ‘surfing’ in a tropical rainforest while celebrating her 65th birthday. Travels in Australia triggered the seed of Boomer Junction that sprouted in her overly active imagination. A refugee from across the ditch, Joss lives happily in Queensland, the sunshine state of Australia, with no pets to slow her down and enjoys nothing better than tripping around in her beloved caravan ‘Wagon Wheels’, whenever she gets the chance and nosing into other people’s lives. She swears that writing fiction is fun and plans on writing more. Watch this space.

Joss Morey


Boomer Junction

From the bleak southern Australian winter to the rainforests of tropical far north Queensland, Aussie baby boomers are on the move in motorhomes and caravans, as they abandon suburbia in droves, and invent new lives on the road. Shattered by her husband’s

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