Author: Renee Goudeau

From: United States of America United States of America

Author Bio

Renee Goudeau is an American born novelist who has embraced her passion for writing since an early age.Born in 1927, Renee has had the amazing opportunity to live a life of both triumph and tragedy, and is above all things, a survivor. From surviving cancer to the loss of her son, Renee has always managed to turn her personal disasters into something tragically beautiful through her writing. Most of her novels focus on a simpler time, that in a way, was more socially complicated. There were no cell phones, tablets or iTunes. Instead, the currency of the day was personal responsibility, both to others and to yourself. Living a full life has given Renee the opportunity to appreciate the simpler things, like living a life of independence and creating a legacy through her writing. After all, what better legacy to leave behind for a survivor then something that will survive for all time? Her words.

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