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Growing up on the east coast, Mickie kept her wrist watch at California time. When she finally made it to the palm trees and Pacific Ocean of the west coast, she knew she’d come home. Working as an actor fed her creative soul, until her beloved Los Angeles grew too big for her. She and her family now live in a small corner of the southwest, where she finds the sky as majestic and blue as she did the ocean. Mickie spends her time writing, hiking and watching ‘The Three Stooges’ with her adored rescue cat, Pal.


Bette Davis Eyes

A tale of possession and revenge. Nelly loves her adopted home town. Can she save it from the malevolent, sinister stranger bent on owning it? Or will trying damn everyone’s soul to hell? If she lives to tell the tale, will she want to?

Blood Mask

Two women have created glamorous lives most of us would kill for. Unfortunately, these lives are built on deception, fraud and murder. They fight to protect their secrets, but someone has unmasked them. How much further will they go to save face?

Conjure Moon

A celebration of a god older than history. A desperate play for love, fame and power. A gathering of friends to slay the demons of isolation and despair. Conjure Moon tells three terrifying tales guaranteed to keep you inside when the moon is high.

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