Author: K. D. Bloodworth

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Growing up in a small town near Ann Arbor Michigan, in what I thought was a normal, but boring family. I longed for adventure. I traveled around the country playing pool with my second husband. I would never do that again but I wouldn't ever give up those experiences. I have worked so many jobs, it's hard to keep track of them all. To list a few: I drove truck cross-country, poured concrete basements, bar tended, office work, factory jobs, picked vegetables on a truck farm in Alabama and was a general manager for two different companies. I believed I would have plenty of time to write when I retired however, my days always seem to be too short. My second novel,, was selected as a Thriller Finalist in the 2015 Independent Author's Network Awards. I am now working on a fall 2015 release of 'In the Genes'. The story picks up when left off.


A nail biting thriller that could have been ripped from the daily headlines.


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