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Tom Bentley is a fiction writer, an essayist, and a business writer and editor. (He does not play banjo.) He’s published hundreds of freelance pieces—ranging from first-person essays to travel pieces to more journalistic subjects—in newspapers, magazines, and online. (Venues include Forbes, Wine Enthusiast Magazine, The American Scholar, Writer’s Digest, Sailing Magazine, the Los Angeles Times, Wired, the San Francisco Chronicle and many others.) He was the 1999 winner of the National Steinbeck Center’s short story contest. His short story collection "Flowering and Other Stories" was published in the spring of 2012 by AuthorMike Ink. he also is the author of the coming-of-age novel, All Roads Are Circles. His book on how to find and cultivate your writer's voice, "Think Like a Writer" came out in 2015. He’s also won numerous nonfiction writing awards. You can see examples of his services, his published writing, and his lurid website confessions at


All Roads Are Circles

Betrayal, loyalty, emotional carnage, forgiveness and yes, sex—two old friends, recent graduates from high school, go hitchhiking across Canada, and meet and fall in love with the same girl.

Flowering and Other Stories

Flowering is a collection of stories built around the themes of loss, social disruption, mistaken judgment and stumbling redemption. From a shoplifting sociopathic genius to a card-dealing witch offering a mystical experience at the blackjack tables to a h

Think Like a Writer: How to Write the Stories You See

The book’s core is how to see the world as a writer. It supplies tools to find and cultivate your writer’s voice, that unique combination of attributes—sensitivity to language, storytelling and audience—by which writers see and define the world.

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