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Matthew R. Kennedy (1956 - ) was born in West Point, NY -- which was odd, because his father was a Navy pilot. He received his BS in Physics from the University of Central Florida ... after co-inventing the Hypercube Loudspeaker (US Patent 4,231,446 "Resonating Chamber) while still an undergraduate. After physics graduate school at FSU, he pursued a career in software. His work in Web Development and Active Server Pages has played a role at Sylvan (, where he developed Web pages for their international testing and certification scheduling, and at Walter Reed Army Medical Center where he worked with disease population statistics and medical scorecard pages to assist doctors in following clinical practice guidelines. He is an avid gamer delighting in virtual worlds. You can find him on Twitter as @gamesavant

Matthew Kennedy


Gamers and Gods III: ALEXANOR

Zeus has bet it all on this one. The grandson of Asklepios will face the Egyptian god Set himself, in a winner-take all fight for the freedom of Earth's humans.

Pathspace: The Space of Paths (The Metaspace Chronicles Book 1)

After failing alien technology has caused a fall of civilization, exposure to it finally produces humans capable of replicating and fixing it. In a struggle to bring together the shards of America, will it be reunification under democracy?

Spinspace: The Space of Spins (The Metaspace Chronicles Book 2)

Spinspace continues the saga of a wizard's attempt to rebuild a fallen civilization. As Xander's school accepts its first class of student wizards, powerful forces seek to undermine all that is being built..including the fragile new Union of States.

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