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The quintessential entrepreneur, Cyndie Shaffstall, has successfully launched more than two dozen startups in the design, publishing, and marketing industries. Shaffstall augmented her pursuits writing her first book in 1992 and adding eight more nonfiction titles since. A visible figure in the publishing industry, she has produced top-rated training videos, transitioned companies such as United Airlines and Clarinda Company into digital publishing; founded ThePowerXChange—the world’s largest and first international distributor of extensions technology—and was editor and publisher of X-Ray Magazine. More recently, Shaffstall founded Spider Trainers, which primarily provides drip and nurture automated-marketing services to worldwide companies. She frequently guest blogs, authors inbound content, and speaks publicly. She is also the inventor of Sassy Strappings and now the author of The Delegate, a current fiction series, which includes an Amazon #1 bestseller, Willows: The Creole.

Cyndie Shaffstall

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