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I became a fan of the TV show, Leverage and Christian Kane. I treated myself to his LIVE IN LONDON CD download on February 17, 2010. The dream inspired by that CD began the story of LIBBY'S JOURNEY.

Three titles were published between February 2014-15 under the Whirlwind Love series title, but as the story grew it was obvious that I had an adventure--not a romance--series. In order to continue, the titles were pulled and will be republished under the 1 Chosen Road brand.


  1. Maggie's Hand - Prequel to Bk 1
  2. Angels' Wings - Prequel to Bks 2-3
  3. Mal's Pitch - Prequel to Bk 3


  1. Libby's Journey
  2. Chuck's Song
  3. Hollie's Folly
  4. Megan's Fool
  5. Joe's Heart

DiDi Hendley

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