Author: Salvador Mercer

From: United States of America United States of America

Author Bio

Salvador Mercer loves Epic Fantasy. Having read all of Tolkien's works, and enjoying the many wonderful stories and tales by many other countless authors, he hopes to share the same delightful experience with those who also enjoy reading in the Fantasy genre. Thus the world of Claire-Agon was created, though imagined would be just as an appropriate word to describe this Fantasy setting. Basing the world's evolution, magic, and history on a scientific foundation, the Claire-Agon books come alive to relate tales and stories from our not too distant neighbors orbiting Tau Ceti not twelve light years distant. The stories are inspired by past author greats, but written and moved forward by Mercer where he sincerely hopes that the stories delight and entertain the reader. He invites you to enter the world of Claire-Agon, and hopes you share with him your experience there. Salvador Mercer is fluent in English, Russian and Spanish, loves languages, history, reading and science.

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