Author: Yvonne Payne

From: United Kingdom United Kingdom

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Yvonne Payne enjoys life as a part-time ex pat, with a dual life split between Wiltshire in the UK, and Kritsa a village on the Greek island of Crete. Since buying a small house in the tiny back streets of Kritsa in 2001 she has explored the area extensively, researched local history, feasted on delicious local foods and joined in many festivals. By embracing the opportunity to work as an interim human resources manager, Yvonne used her between contract time to enjoy long breaks in Crete, a fantastic work/life balance. This 'free time' provided an opportunity to write creatively instead of the policies and redundancy letters of her work. Yvonne's early retirement coincided with the publication of her novel, Kritsotopoula, Girl of Kritsa, and delivers her the opportunity to increase time in Crete, where she looks forward to writing more novels with true stories with Kritsa at their heart.

Yvonne Payne

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