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With the skill of a teacher and the heart of a storyteller, Damon engages the hearts, the minds, and the emotions of his audience as he calls men and women into the practice of Long-View Living in a Short-View World. With disarming, real-life transparency, Damon shares his own life-experiences, bringing them alongside biblical narratives in a manner that infuses the stories of our spiritual ancestors with life. Damon's passion is to demonstrate to his audience that the Bible is not a "dead word" from God, but rather that it is a vibrantly living Word, relevant for today. Damon is a word-crafter, one who delights in an artfully-woven sentence the way a chef delights in a deliciously-prepared meal. His writing and speaking takes a scholarly approach to scripture without employing the fatigue-inducing, arid presentation style that is often typical of scholarly works and presentations.

Damon Gray

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