Author: K.B. Goddard

Author Bio

K.B. Goddard was born and raised in rural Derbyshire. She spent her youth discovering a love of books, especially old ghost stories. It was then that her fascination with the writing style of The Victorian and Edwardian eras began. Her stories have been produced as dramatic readings for The Wicked Library podcast. She also wrote the opening episode for season 2 of The Lift: The Lost Library. Her horror and folklore articles have appeared on The Spooky Isles. In 2016 one of her short stories, A Macabre Melody was published as part of the first Shadows at the door Anthology. The audio version of the anthology came out in 2017. The novelty of hearing someone read her stories out loud hasn't worn off yet. The Wicked Library episode "Shadows" penned by her won the 2017 Parsec Award for "Best Speculative Fiction Story: Small Cast (Short Form)". Her lift episode "The Lost Library" was also a finalist in the same category.


12 Ghostly Tales

Atmospheric Victorian style ghost stories. This collection brings together all 12 stories from A Spirited Evening and Other Stories, and The Haunted Chamber and Other Stories in one paperback volume.

The Haunted Chamber and Other Stories

The Haunted Chamber and Other Stories evokes the candlelit drawing rooms of the 19th Century. Enter a world where shadows live and the veil between life and death is thin. Be transported back to the era of the classic ghost story. Enter The Haunted Chamber

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