Author: Venus Morales

From: Puerto Rico Puerto Rico

Author Bio

I live in the Boston, MA with my family of three boys and husband and our 2 hyper dogs and 1 lazy fluffy cat. When you don't see me attached to my computer writing, you'll find me with my nose stuck in a book. I love to laugh and joke around a lot, you'll find a good sense of humor in my novels. Writing has always been a passion of mine since I was a child. I only found the courage to fulfill my dreams after I had my children. My characters are part of my everyday life, they are pieces of my soul. They each have there own story that needs to be told, so I play as the puppeteer and write their stories for the world to hear. Writing YA Fiction is who I am.


The Hybrid (The Hybrid Series Book 1)

Daughter of a God, born with a darkness, cursed by a seer, hunted by Lilith only to be forced to forge herself into the weapon she was born to be.