Author: Ian Thompson

From: United Kingdom United Kingdom

Author Bio

I was born in Liverpool, England, but I have lived most of my life in a small town in Cheshire. I pursued a career in textiles, including laboratory testing and quality control. Give me some fibres from a carpet, item of clothing or curtain, plus a microscope and some chemicals, and I’ll quickly tell you all about them! Throughout my life, I have loved good tales - whether in the form of novels and short stories, TV shows, movies, comics or video games. I like fast-paced adventures, strong and unusual characters, gritty action and twists I wasn't expecting. Being taken away into the realm of someone's imagination has always appealed to me and has driven me to create realms of my own. I have written mystery thrillers, fantasy war-sagas and horror tales, in novels, novellas and short stories.

Ian Thompson


Glancing Blow (Short Horror Tales Book 1)

Be careful when driving in a storm... or you might not live to regret it.