Author: Amanda Meuwissen

From: United States of America United States of America

Author Bio

Amanda Meuwissen is the author of The Incubus Saga and the novelette The Collector. She has a Bachelor of Arts in a personally designed major from St. Olaf College in Creative Writing, and has been writing and posting online for many years, including maintaining the blog for the customer engagement company Outsell. She spent a summer writing screenplay script coverages for a company in L.A., and is an avid writer and consumer of fiction through film, prose, and video games. Amanda also serves as COO and Managing Editor for She oversees editing and series selection, as well as being involved in marketing and promotion, and is featured as a narrator for several BWN series. Amanda lives in Minneapolis, MN, with her husband, John, and their cats, Helga and Sasha (no connection to the incubus of the same name).


Changeling (The Incubus Saga Book 2)

Nathan has embraced his feelings for incubus and fae hunter Sasha Kelly, but he fears their time will be cut short—either from his impending fate or his brother's.


Incubus (The Incubus Saga Book 1)

Nathan only ever wanted a normal life, but for him, life, family, and love are anything but normal.