Author: D.R. Oestreicher

From: United States of America United States of America

Author Bio

I am D.R. Oestreicher, Ph.D., retired herder of cats, K-12 substitute teacher, world traveler, and author. It's that latter descriptor that brings me here. I recently completed "Plague of Equals" with my spouse J. Oestreicher. We published under the Omega Cat Press imprint, a publishing enterprise founded in the early 1990s before electronic publishing took off. Omega Cat Press published Xenophilia, a journal of poetry and other books. Plague of Equals is definitely not poetry. It is a a science thriller, a high IQ thriller about realistic scientists and a fictional plague, a fast moving challenge to save the human race with more PhDs than villains, plenty of women, and clear enough language for everyone to follow and enjoy. I sometimes wonder if most readers would prefer familiar characters, mad scientists, absent-minded professors, and autistic nerds. For the future of the planet, I hope not. Prove me right: Checkout out#PlagueOfEquals

D.R. Oestreicher