Author: Michelle Knight

From: United Kingdom United Kingdom

Author Bio

To describe Michelle as, "average," is to say that Mount Snowdon is, "a bit of a hill in North West Wales." Writing is one of her passions. She had short stories published in '95 and released her first book in '96. With a career in IT, she spent a couple of years working in Europe, learning phrases like, "Ein weiss bier bitte," (A white bier please) and, "mein Freund bezahlt." (my friend pays) She has spent a chunk of her life as a BDSM submissive and decided to return to writing to explain some of the realities facing those who live this lifestyle, in present day British society. Now living in Sussex, UK, Michelle spends her free time trying to catch a glimpse of the mysterious sign on her back that says, "Will repair computers for wine." Her idea of a relaxing time is with friends, in a riverside country pub, with a ploughman’s lunch and a nice, cold pint of cider. Most of her reading these days consists of very large I.T. technical manuals. She doesn't suffer from insomnia.


From The Cradle (The Submissive Heart Book 3)

L is Mark's submissive, and his wife. However, a life changing event means that the old skeletons in his closet are about to cause her some distress.



A third world war devastated the planet and a genetic computer was designed to help solve the problems wrought by the chemicals used.


The Companion (The Submissive Heart Book 1)

A refreshingly realistic, sometimes even romantic, look at the realities of a BDSM lifestyle.


The Reluctant Leader (The Submissive Heart Book 2)

Susan and Mark came together for mutual benefit, but Cupid's arrow struck and they married. However all wasn't going to remain quiet for long...


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