Author: Patricia Smith

From: United Kingdom United Kingdom

Author Bio

Patricia Smith is absolutely nuts about astronomy and writing apocalyptic thrillers. You can't shut her up about either. She has enjoyed writing stories all of her life and her first novel Time Split, which is on several best sellers lists, was published in 2011. This was soon followed by her Distant Suns stories and more recently Islands - The Epidemic. She started her career in computing, but presently works to help people improve their numeracy and English skills. The rest of her time is worked around her writing. She lives in Northumberland, England, with her husband. Her choice of genre stems from her love of apocalyptic thrillers and the 'What if?' scenario. She strives in her writing to give the reader a roller-coaster ride of emotions and excitement, mixed in with a good dash of fear - all from the safety of their armchair.

Patricia Smith


Distant Suns

You can be looking the wrong way when the end of the world sneaks up on you.


Distant Suns - The Journey Home

The crew of the star ship Terra - the last hope to avoid extinction for the human race - are nearly two years from the dying planet Earth, when their four thousand year long journey, to reach the first possible habitable world, is unexpectedly halted.

Distant Suns - The Silexous

As the survivors of the catastrophe that turned Earth into a barren rock are settling on their new planet, an enemy from a past encounter finds them and a new fight for survival begins.

Islands - The Epidemic: An Airborne Ebola Disaster

Six months into an experiment to prove self-sufficiency is possible at the bottom of the sea, a war breaks out and, soon after, the five hundred specialists lose contact with the surface.

Time Split: Nuclear Armageddon

On a worldwide scale, billions died immediately following the initial strikes. This did not have to happen; it shouldn't have happened; and it wouldn’t have happened had it not been for the good intentions of one man.