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William A. Prater was educated at Esher and sang with Esher Parish Church choir until his fourteenth year. Marking time with a variety of jobs until old enough, he signed with the Regular Army (REME) in 1948. The young soldier saw service in Hong Kong - where he won a tournament championship as a lightweight, and served with the 1st Commonwealth Division during the Korean War. Returning to civilian life in 1961, he joined a nationally-known pre-cast concrete manufacturer and in 1966 became works manager at one of their factories in Cheshire. He later joined a building company as an administrator and his appointment to general manager followed in 1975. He is a keen photographer and became a licensed radio amateur in 1984, Since retiring, Bill rediscovered his love of writing with his debut novel, psychological thriller, The Flyleaf Killer; adopting a totally different genre for his later YA fantasy adventure, The Key to Skandos.

William Prater

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