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You may contact me at I have been writing books for about 45 years. I have 28 copyrights. My topics include family books, marriage and divorce, business, stock market, joke books, golf, bowling, income taxes and Children books. I find writing is a wonderful way to express myself for the enjoyment of others. The variety of books comes from my client files as a tax accountant and we have experienced just about all phases of life I also write under Carey Erichson I use this for my joke books. It separates the serious books from the joke books. I have written 15 joke books. My inventory of jokes is over 4,500 so my books have quite a variety in them Please visit my website at to see the variety of products my company sells. In my real life, I am a tax accountant, been doing those silly 1040 forms for 58 years. I was a bowling professional for over 30 years, now retired from tournament play. Been playing golf for 75 years

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Story of an adventurous Little Fish traveling down a mountain stream into a big blue Lake


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